Actress Regina Daniels Shares Things You Didnt Know About Her In New Interview

There are Things You Obviously Don’t Know About Actress Regina Daniels and
in an episode of her YouTube channel tagged ”13 questions with Regina Daniels”, the actress shares why she is drawn to kids and how her mum always stood in for her to take the blame…..

Actress Regina Daniels Shares Things You Didnt Know About Her In New Interview

The Interview was translated into text by  Stella of SDK Blog for your reading pleasure…
My name is Regina Daniels. I’m an actress, a student and a businesswoman. Yeah, I’m a woman.
Where are you from?

I was born in Lagos but I was brought up in Delta State. I’m from Delta State, Ogwashiku precisely.

Educational background?

I’m currently studying Mass Communication because of my passion for acting and the entertainment industry at large.

How did you get into Nollywood

I started acting at a very tender age. I started acting at the age of Six, through the help of my mother and support of my family and my mother’s guidance. She went all way out to make sure I was in the limelight.

Any challenge early in your career?

I remember when I was in a movie set and they said Oh Regina you have to cry in this scene. And I couldn’t cry because I wasn’t perfect in acting. The producer called my mother… And was like, Hello Rita come and take your daughter away from this set. She doesn’t know how to act film. She can’t cry. She can’t deliver her lines. She can’t do this.

My mother was crying. She called me and was like, “Mama please, please you can do it. Think of everything that has happened to us. You know where you are going to. Mama just try. You can. And I started crying. So then I filmed. Many producers would abuse me and my mother would take the blame just so that she can see me get there.

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How were you able to build your brand?

I have always dreamed to become a celebrity. To be someone the world will appreciate and recognize. So I would always put in so much effort. I will work day and night, under the rain, sun to make sure that I get there.

Where do you see Nollywood in the next Five Years? 

I believe I’m part of a future of Nollywood. I see Nollywood going to a greater height. And I believe I will be part and parcel of that process.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I want to feature in movies that will be nominated for OSCARS alongside my role model, Angelina Jolie.

Why Angelina Jolie?

I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I mean her determination, her acting skills. She’s smart and intelligent. Above all, she’s sexy.

How did you bag your latest endorsement?

I’m sure you guys must have heard my latest endorsement with house of l*********

I casually walked into Jabi Lekki mall for my make up session. And I met two staff and they were like oh Regina, plsss can you come and shop with us. I said Okay. So I went. All the staff were so friendly, lively and accommodating. I bought some few things. And they were like, we will like to have you as our brand ambassador.


Let me tell few things you don’t know about me and I know you have been dying to know them.

I love playing lawn tennis. I could actually beat Serena Williams. I also love swimming. ‘m like a fish in the water. I swim very fast, smoothly and…. sexy. Lol. I recently started my piano lessons because of my love for music. Wanting to know more. You know, piano. Piano is sexy for girls, so mature. I have actually loved to play a piano.

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Do you even know how to cook?

Yea, I actually love cooking. I know some people will say that’s not true. Can this girl cook. See how she looks. But that’s not true. Because I know how to cook. Especially traditional meals, soups, okro soup, egusi, ogbono. My favourite is ogbono soup. So I cook perfectly well. Trust me. Lol

Why are you so drawn to children?

I grew up too fast. I didn’t have the have the opportunity all the times to explore like other kids would. I never had friends. There was no one to mingle with. I always found myself in the midst of adults trying to read scripts, kept on reading scripts, or reading my books and trying to make ends meet. I have been an adult since childhood. So that’s why I love kids. That’s why I am passionate about children. That’s why I love being around them, to have that feeling of being a child. The smile I see on their faces makes me happy. To make sure that they are fine. You know this feeling of having children around you gives you this feeling that you can’t explain. Because kids on their own, they have this happiness they bring to you. A feeling of joy.

Could you address the news making round?

Uhmmmmm you know, you guys have heard a lot of news concerning my relationship status. I have been receiving a lot of calls, text messages, my DM buzzing. But not to worry, I will be giving you guys an exclusive details of everything you need to know on my YouTube channel.

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